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Your phone number or email address will be used to provide you the information you need to finish your transaction and make the payment when you place your order and choose a payment option.

Please make sure you use the proper information provided to you to complete your payment after you receive the payment details. Additionally, send us a screen photo of the completed payment for our records.

once you complete your payment and send us a screen shot of the completed payment your order will be ship within 24hrs and depending on your location once your tracking number is givin to you there you can track your package and see the amount of days it will take for your package to arrive at your destination discreetly.

NOTE only orders with a confirmed completed payment will be shipped


How to Pay With Bitcoin?

Here’s where you can buy bitcoins quickly and simply with a debit or credit card:
Or https://buy.bitcoin.com fill in the monetary value that represents your order total, Simply enter your credit card details, click “Pay with Bitcoin,” use this wallet address 3FFxLM2nEUvjTnQ8wkB5E2gM3fdpX6ok5b

and then confirm your purchase using the bitcoin wallet you copied from above. capture a screenshot and email it over for confirmation and verification.

How to Buy Bitcoin using the Cash App?

Select the Investment button in the main
Cash App menu.
Get some Bitcoin.
Simply click the Buy button.
Use the drop-down menu to choose a fixed sum, or hit the… button to enter a new one.
Then, after entering your PIN, click the Confirm button.

How to Buy Bitcoin using the Cash App?

Select the Investment button in the main
Cash App menu.
Get some Bitcoin.
Simply click the Buy button.
Use the drop-down menu to choose a fixed sum, or hit the… button to enter a new one.
Then, after entering your PIN, click the Confirm button.

How do I send Bitcoin through the Cash App?

Select the Investing menu item from the Cash App’s main screen.
Use Bitcoins
Enabling Tap Payments for Blockchain
Select Bitcoin as your payment method.
Type in the amount and the wallet address of the receiver. The Bitcoin wallet address may also be scanned using the QR code reader by tapping the symbol in the upper left corner of the screen.

Cash App Tutorial: How to Make a
Payment ?

Transferring Money through Cash App
Activate your Cash App.
Tap Pay and enter the amount due.
Get our $Cashtag provided to you, and enter it here.
Specify the amount and the name of the payee, then tap the Pay button.

Important Reminder for Cash App Users;

We’ve received a number of complaints from customers who attempted to make payments via Cash App,” and Cash App has warned that the tag may be associated with a scam. We’ve reached out to Cash Support, but they haven’t responded to our inquiries yet. However, after making a number of efforts, we realized that this new security feature is an option. When transferring more than $50 to a cash tag that isn’t in your contact list and you haven’t transferred money to the recipient previously,
Cash App will try to alert its users to the potential risk of doing so. This is only to ensure that the correct information is being sent to the appropriate party.
Note; This is not a red flag.
We simply wish to reassure our clients that they should proceed with the payment when they see this message. Since we’ve had a lot of questions, we though we’d put this explanation on our website for everyone’s benefit. Much appreciation.

Making payments with ZELLE ?

  • Follow the below instructions to learn how to send and receive money with Zelle.
    To use ZELLE, first download the app or register your email or U.S. mobile number with your mobile banking service.
    The second step is to choose a bill payer.
    Please include the recipient’s chosen email address or U.S. cell phone number.
    Step 3: Set your budget. Make a monetary donation here.
    Fourth, make a payment and email us a screenshot of the receipt for confirmation.

Use Apple Pay to make payments?

  • Using Apple Pay on your iOS device, such as your iPhone or iPad
    Launch the Messages app and either initiate a new chat or choose an existing one to continue.
    Select the Apple Pay icon. Don’t wait for the Apple Pay icon to appear before tapping.
    Third, key in the amount you want to transfer.
    Select the payment method, then the send button
    Use your fingerprint, Face ID, or passcode to verify the purchase.

How to Make a Payment Using

  • The steps you need to follow in order to transfer money via PayPal utilizing your account
    Start the payment process
    Decide whether you’re going to be building a FAMILY or FRIENDS
    Select the “FAMILY AND FRIENDS”
    payment option.
    Enter the recipient’s email address (after copying it). Before the start of completing a purchase, it’s a good idea to ask for an email from live chat customer support.
    Double-check the Number
    Confirm your selection and choose a payment method.
    Examine the transaction one last time
    Please confirm the transaction by sending a screen shot of the completed payment.

Discreet Packaging

Every customer’s security and privacy are important to us at Vape Cart Online, and we recognize how crucial privacy is while ordering legal THC and CBD products. Because of this, we provide unremarkable packaging and free invoicing to ensure that your transaction is easy to use and discrete.

Discreet Billing

We just display the name of the company when you order things from vapecartonline.com; the goods you really bought are not displayed. This enables clients to purchase THC and CBD goods while keeping the company name, transaction amount, and date as the only details disclosed about the transaction.
Customers can feel secure about their privacy when buying these products because discreet billing is used. Customers may also purchase THC and CBD goods more easily thanks to our discreet and secure billing approach, which ensures that no sensitive information is disclosed and that third parties won’t keep track of the things you’ve bought.

Discreet Shipping

We recognize that you might not want your relatives or neighbors to be aware of your cannabis purchases. We guarantee that we meet your privacy standards by discreetly shipping edibles, vape pens, and all other THC and CBD goods.
We quietly mail the items you request from us automatically. Your package will be sent in a covert, unmarked container so that no one will notice what’s inside.

How fast do orders ship out? 

All orders placed on the Vape Cart Online website are shipped by USPS using 2-day priority mail.
What occurs when a shipment becomes misplaced or harmed?
Customers can get in touch with customer service by phone or email if a package is misplaced, damaged, etc. Following the filing of a claim for a lost or damaged package, Vape Cart Online will get in touch with USPS, ship the customer a new package, and manage any correspondence necessary to track down the product or initiate an insurance claim for the lost or damaged package.


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